When did summer get so complicated?

knotOnce upon a time summer was simple. You went outside, rode your bike or skateboard, hung out with friends and didn’t come back in until you heard the call for dinner. The variety of summer planned activities were limited…there was sleep-a-way camp, a few day camps, and a smattering of other sports or arts related options. Today it is different. There are as many alternatives as there trees in the woods, fish in the sea and activities that pique a kid’s interest. Everything from community-supported programs to nationally recognized programs . And choice is great because it provides your children a better chance of finding activities that provide experiences, learning and/or memories for a lifetime. BUT…..

  • So many choices, so little time!
  • Hours and hours of research to find the right fit…and if it fits is there availability…and if there’s availability can you coordinate with friends
  • Everybody’s busy…both parent and kids. Schedules can be tough to manage.
  • Bobby likes karate. Jimmy likes soccer. Sue loves dance…balancing needs, interests, and budgets, can be like herding cats!
  • If Jimmy’s friend Steve is going to basketball, is there a way they can go together?
  • And it’s not just summer—any activity often needs precision planning and management!
  • Kids simply don’t go out to “play” or engage in group activities in an unsupervised or unscheduled manner