The concept behind ACTVKid is simple. We take the complexity out of planning, organizing, scheduling and registering for summer camps and other family activities. Our application allows parents to research camps and activity providers based on a variety of unique parameters including location, activity type, budget, dates, specialty niche offerings (soccer camp, theater camp), special needs, referral ratings, etc…

BUT WE PROMOTE THE SHARING OF THE CALENDAR PROCESS so that families and friends can see each others choices to better coordinate and plan together!

  • Reduce the time needed to plan the summer
  • Eliminate the stress and anxiety in finding the right camp/activity for your child
  • Increase the number of options you find for your children
  • Simplify activity registration and scheduling of camps/activities
  • Enable parents to coordinate and plan activities with friends
  • Plan for a day, a week…or the entire summer!
  • Promote budget visibility and control of various options
  • Pinpoint special interests and/or broadens exposure to new experiences
  • Find deals, offers and opportunities and offer they might not otherwise find